How to Find Copyright FREE Images for your Blog

How to Find Copyright FREE Images for your Blog

Images hamare blog articles ko appealing banate hain. make our blog articles appealing. 

But Newbie bloggers ke liye images buy karna ka option nahi hota hai mostly.

Us case me kya kare ?

Pichle Article me maine aapko 5 Free Sites batayi thi.

Method 1 :

Find Images on No Copyright Image Sites like :

Method 2 :

But bahut saare Celebrities, Important Personalities ki images in sites par nahi milti hai, tab kya karna chahiye ?

Us case me aapko ye karna hai :

Find Images from their official Social Media Profiles or websites and Insert Source/Credit below the image.

In most cases, that won’t be a problem. (As you are actually giving them free publicity)

Example : I’m writing a short-biography of Elon Musk or maybe Top 51 Quotes of Elon Musk. Then it makes sense to include a picture of THE MAN.

I would go over to his twitter profile and look out for some images.

This one looks fine. I will insert this in my blog and mention the Source/Credits.

Source : Twitter (Elon Musk)

Similarly If you are writing an article about say a Car or Bike Review. You can go over to their official website and check Gallery/Photos/Images section of the website..

Credits :

Method 3 :

Warning : Never disclose this method in public on any facebook group/youtube channel/blog.

At times, the image that we need are only available on Premium Stock Image sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, Gettyimages etc.

But images are costly on this site.

We use some tricks to get images out of these sites (without actually paying for them..Shhhh..)

We need a Google Chrome extension for this. – TinyEye Reverse Image Search

Install it on your laptop/computer. You can directly use their website too –

All we need to do now is open the Premium sites like shutterstock and search for the image we want.

Let’s search for Elon Musk and open the image that you like.

I will click on the first portrait image of Elon Musk. A new page will open. 

Now you have to right click on the image and Select ‘Search Image on Tinyeye‘.

If you are using this on mobile, the extension won’t work. So directly download this portrait image and upload it on and search there.

Tinyeye will search the Web to find out all websites that have used this image on their articles. Find out the sites that have this image (without the watermark) and download it.

These sites have purchased license of the image. (and they are free to use it on their site). And now you can use them too.

And here is our Image without the watermark.

This Trick won’t work for all the images but you can surely get some or the other image related to your topic using it.

Now If you find an image of any site that you want to download, just right click and search on tineye

Method 4 : Find Copyright Free Images on Flickr

Flickr is a site where you can find normal day-to-day images. Photos on this site are not Professional Stock images but normal images that users like us click and upload.

And for most blogs these are the kind of images that we want to include on our blogs.

Go over to

Search for the topic that you want images for.

Example – Street Dance.

And select the License – All Creative Commons


Now, download the image you like and use it on your blog. Make sure you read the license attached with the image.

Some Photos require that you provide credit to the Uploader.

These are the methods that you can use to find images for your blog articles.

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